Blue Hole Mineral Springs Jamaica

Blue Hole Mineral Springs

Located only 25 minutes southeast of Negril, Blue Hole Mineral Spring is a unique water resort nestled in the hills of a small, peaceful community. The attraction is centered around an amazing mineral spring which you can jump or climb down into -- what an invigorating experience to take the plunge! For entertainment, you can also watch locals dive in from platforms perched in trees as high as 60 feet above the water. Wow!

Once you are in Blue Hole Mineral Spring, 25+ feet below the surface of the earth, the mineral water is crystal clear, pure and refreshing. It even bubbles up when you stir around, and it's so large inside that one can even swim laps!

A huge adjacent pool, just constructed, and fed from the mineral spring, is heavenly as you bask in the sunshine with friendly locals hanging out around you. A low-key restaurant/bar provides great food and drinks. The grounds are gorgeous, filled with beautiful plants and flowers. This is as Jamaican as it gets -- great fun and relaxation among genuine people who want you to have a good time. Totally recommend it.